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Hello - This is some info about the SHO/Flex/Explorer/MKS/MKT Spacer offering

This spacer is for the Ecoboost 3.5 as used in the Taurus SHO/Flex/Explorer and Lincoln MKS/MKT 2010-2019.

Introductory pricing will be $159 shipped to you in the 48 states and includes the spacer as well as the extended length bolts required for installation. Please put a note in your email if you are not in the 48 states, we can work it out.

You will need to purchase new and additional gaskets to complete the installation, further details of that farther down this page

They are not yet available, as production is just starting.

If interested, get on the list by sending an email to orders@x35design.com or click below

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  • It'll take me a little time to get going, so what I'll do is a weekly shipment of as many as I can get done. I'll contact you in order of the list, and send you a Paypal link for payment. You'll have a few days between the email and when I need to have payment to get yours shipped, so it should work out.

    If you need some more time, can't buy now, or otherwise need to wait, no issue, I'll just move the next person up and when you're ready I'll slot you back in at the top.

    There should be at the worst, two weeks between payment and shipping. I have no interest or desire to be 'that guy' hanging on to your money and not delivering.

    I'm not exactly sure how quick I can crank these out, as I'm just a one man operation, but I will do my best to get things moving and keep them moving.

    At the moment I have no install instructions, but I have someone helping me create some and they'll be ready shortly. The two that have been installed reported that it was not difficult, so you should be able to do it too. If you need help, just ask me or the group and I'm sure we can get you sorted out.

    The details again...The current pricing is $159 per package.

    So..what do you get for your $?

    In the box will be:

    1x SHO spacer

    10x extended bolts for attachment to the head

    2x extended bolts for attachment to the coolant outlet

    USA 48 state Priority mail shipping

    Instruction sheet once developed

    My thanks and appreciation

    To complete your install you'll need to also get:

    Gaskets: I don't recommend re-using your old gaskets, plus they are pretty cheap, so do it right...

    12x of the green elliptical gaskets Ford #AA5Z-9439-A

    4x of the square coolant passage gaskets, Ford #BL3Z-9439-A

    2x of the coolant outlet gaskets, Ford #AA5Z-9439-BA

    Weird tool: 5mm Hex key socket for all the fasteners, as I have not yet found a normal hex head bolt in the long length, hope this will change at some point.

    As soon as the initial backlog clear, they'll be available on the regular products page.